Thank you so much for the first ideas and recommendations. It already changed quite a bit in my thinking. And because the recommendations are so down to earth and practical it is easy to do them. I am looking forward to the next LEAs.

Elke, 16 October 2014

Thank you so much for this seminar. It’s obvious that you’ve really put a lot of work into it. I think it’s really great. It gave me many very valuable tips.
Angelika, 29 Dec 2013

I now speak more with people. That is the benefit of LEA.
Man, Anonymous, 10 Dec 2013

I use many small things from LEA daily. It was really good for me.
Andrea, 8 Oct 2013

LEA supports with valuable tips that are easily and immediately implementable! I especially liked that the program gives comprehensive ideas, not only for nutrition, but also exercise in daily life, stress reduction, etc. Simply great!
Teacher from Berlin, 26 Oct 2012

I participated in the last course and thought it was good. If you want to do something good for yourself and support yourself, you should definitely think about taking this course. The money is a good investment. It would cost a lot of effort to collect all of the things for yourself that you can find in a compact form here.
Anne-Dore L., 25 Sep 2012

[To Kerstin Hack] After months of training, I can finally write you with a success story! Thank you very much for the coaching emails.
I set a sports goal for myself for this year of being able to climb the Säntis mountain in Switzerland with my husband. This was an especially high goal for me, because I work as a stay-at-home mother of two and didn’t have a lot of spare time to train.
But, I decided to go for it: I dusted off my trampoline, jogged up and down the Weinberg (at first by night out of necessity as the children were asleep), put up a beautiful photograph of the Säntis in my livingroom, and… we had a dream weekend. The view of the century: the entire Bodensee! Amazingly, I was in good condition for the climb; it challenged me, but didn’t overwhelm me. We saw a beautiful sunset from the hut. We have a beautiful new treasure as a couple. In previous mountain tours, my husband often had to encourage me up the mountain. This time I did it without him having to say much. Thank you so much for the encouragement!
Nadine, 2 Sep 2012

These thoughts here are really good for me!
Birgit, 13 Aug 2012

About the last LEA letter: I found the idea of switching off in order to recharge your batteries totally helpful and completely new to me. It brought a whole new perspective to the topic and helped me to think differently about my behavior and to be better able to evaluate what would be helpful in a certain situation. In addition, all the emails are good and motivating for me. Just super!
Deborah, 30 Jul 2012

Thank you for LEA letter 25. I read through it and found your thoughts about the theme „charisma“ very appealing and understandable. Thank you! I think it’s great how you suggest such practical steps to change something!
Sabine, Jul 2012

Lea is slowly making bigger circles in my life. I keep profiting more and more from the many good suggestions, and I can also give some suggestions to others!
Sabine, Jul 2012

I practice the good ideas, sometimes more and sometimes less, and I attempt to implement them as practically as possible. For example, I drink and eat more consciously and try to create more balance in my inner and outer exercises. I find it fun.
Sabine, Apr 2012

Thank you very much for the valuable inspirations and the concrete tips for putting things into practice!
Melanie, Apr 2012

Thank you for all of the letters and the many great inspirations and thoughts with which you have accompanied me and the other LEA participants in the last little while. There were many good thoughts there and also very practical suggestions. I thought the practical tips and suggestions for how to take many small steps in order to reach a goal were great, as was the general input.
Iris, Apr 2012

Thank you for all of your good thoughts and positive food for thought. The LEA letters were really enriching!
Iris, Mar 2012

LEA affects – right from the beginning. Even the first letter brought big changes into my life.
Silke, Mar 2012

Thank you so much for the first LEA letter! It was so great for me; I’m excited to see what’s next!
S.,  Jan 2012

I was totally excited for the LEA course. I already knew about some of your booklets/quadros and already knew that I find your style of motivation inspiring and not intrusive, but your LEA letters exceeded my expectations.
Corinna, Jan 2012

The LEA letters are like a treasure chest. I have intensively worked through some of them, but I know that some others are going to be really helpful in completely different areas of my life.
C., Jan 2012

LEA was amazing and was really good for me.
Katharina, Jan 2012

I really liked the mixture of your personal experience, the different techniques to try, and the tips.
C., Jan 2012

The lessons contain so much in the inspirations and tips, and it includes so many areas of life that I would call LEA a life-school. I have already gained so much and have already taken steps of change in the „construction sites“ in my life. I can only say that it’s worth it to participate.
Beate, Nov 2011