LEA: Life – Energy – Appeal:

LEA is an online course for anyone who would like to be free of physical and mental burdens. It is designed for people who don’t feel good in their own skin and who suspect that life could be more easily and joyfully lived.

LEA is not a diet, although you will receive many helpful tips for nutrition and exercise. But LEA can be easily combined with a program of your choice.

LEA assists you in three areas

  • Life: Get rid of physical and mental burdens. Become light and mobile again.
  • Energy: Gain new power and energy.
  • Appeal: Grow in beauty and zest for life.

The goal is NOT to be running around starving or have a wash-board stomach.
The GOAL is to live your life well and with more energy – without emotional and physical burdens and with age-appropriate power and energy.


Kerstin HackLeadership: Kerstin Hack is responsible for the LEA course. She is a systemic coach and supervisor (SG) and trainer for non-violent communication.

Participants: Each and every person who can receive emails and would like to gain more lightness and zest for life can participate.


- Every week, you will receive two letters via email.

Letter 1 deals with inner patterns and thought-patterns that hinder you in your life. With suggestions for how you can expose them and dispose of them. In addition, we, like in live-coaching, will be asking you questions to help you find new ways of thinking.

Letter 2 gives concrete, practical tips for changes that you can bring about. It includes concrete behaviors that you can implement in order to gain physical and emotional energy.

New patterns need about 6-8 weeks of practice before they are stably integrated into life. For this reason, LEA will accompany you for 14 weeks (about 3 months).

Course includes:
- 2 letters per week with inspiration and concrete help.
- Book tips for if you want to go deeper into certain topics.
- Per letter, a trick or tip that will bring immediate and/or lasting effects.
- Personal coaching possibilities: If you need support in a specific area, you can book a telephone coaching appointment (between 9am and 6pm) within seven days (separately charged at standard hourly rates).

Your commitment:

Time: You will need about 20 minutes to read the letters and about 20 minutes to work through the questions/exercises.
Readiness for change: In order for LEA to be worth it for you, you will need to be ready to expose and release some unhealthy thought and behavior patterns.
A notebook: Things will have a deeper and more lasting effect if you write them down. It is good to retain your goals, helpful ideas, and progress. I recommend a nice journal, notebook, or even computer document. The wonderful notebook “Stille Gedanken” is also available through Down to Earth. It fits well in any handbag and is filled with inspiring quotes (Currently only available in German).

Course length:

14 weeks

99 Euros ($120) – this is about one Euro per day.
90 Euros ($105) - If you apply together with another person, you both receive a 10% discount.
Extra: During the course, you will learn things that will help you earn part or all of your invested money back.

Sign Up:
Instructions for registering for the LEA course can be found here: Sign Up.
If you would rather apply by paper: All of the important information can be found on the LEA flyer. You can download the flyer here.

Special Instructions

LEA and health problems: LEA is aimed for people who want to obtain more energy, life, and appeal. If you have addiction patterns (for example, bulimia) or health or mental problems, we recommend consulting your doctor or therapist about your intention to participate in LEA. LEA cannot replace therapy, but it can be supportive and accompanying to therapy.

LEA with others: It is motivating to do the LEA course together with one or more other people. It’s more fun to do it together; you can exchange ideas, motivate each other, and help each other through dry spells. If you sign up together with one or more other people, you will all receive the discounted price.

Origin story of LEA:

Kerstin Hack tells the story of how LEA began here.